11th Century    The Kakatiyas establish their capital at Anumakonda (Hanumakonda)
13th Century    A mud fort is built at Golkonda
1310    Ala-ud-din Khilji sends Malik Kafur to invade Warangal
1323    Warangal yields to Ulugh Khan; Kakatiya rule ends
1347    The Bahmani dynasty is founded
1512    Sultan Quli establishes the Golkonda Sultanate
1513    Sultan Quli marches against Krishna Deva Raya
1518    Sultan Quli takes on the title of Qutb Shah
1543    Sultan Quli Qutb Shah is murdered; Jamsheed Quli is king
1550    Jamshed Quli Shah dies of Cancer; his 7 year old, Subhan Quli Qutb Shah is king
1550    Jamshed’s brother, Ibrahim returns to Golkonda and is crowned king
1565    Battle of Talikota – the end of the Vijayanagara empire
1575    Hussain Sagar is built
1578    Ibrahim Quli builds the Purana Pul over Musi
1580   Imbrahim Quli dies; Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah is crowned
1591    Charminar is built; Bhagnagar is found
1603    Sultan Abbas of Persia sends envoy to Hyderabad
1605    The Dutch establish themselves at Masulipatnam (Machilipatnam)
1607    Mohammad Quli ‘s daughter, Hayat Bakshi marries her cousin, Sultan Mirza
1611     Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah dies; Mohammad Qutb Shah (Sultan Mirza) succeeds him
1612     The English establish themselves at Masulipatnam (Machilipatnam)
1626    Mohammad Qutb is suceeded by his son, Abdullah Qutb Shah
1630 – 32   The deccan famine
1642    Tavernier’s first visit to Hyderabad
1646-50   Mir Jumla attacks and takes over Madras; marches on to Ginjee and Gandikota
1655-56   Mir Jumla petitions to Shah Jahan about the “unfair deeds” of the Golconda Sultan
1656    Aurangzeb’s son Mohammad Sultan leads an army to Golkonda
1666    De Thevenot visits Hyderabad
1672    Abdullah Qutb Shah dies; his son-in-law Tana Shah succeeds him
1673    Abbe Carre visits Hyderabad
1677    Shivaji visits Golkonda
1685    Akanna and Madanna are killed
1687    Golconda’s capture by Aurangazeb; Qutb Shahi rule ends
1687    Ibrahim (Mahabat) Khan appointed Subedar of Hyderabad
1688    Mahabat Khan transferred to Lahore; Jan Sipar Khan is appointed Subedar of Hyderabad
1700   Rustam Dil Khan succeeds his father as Subedar of Hyderabad
1702    Maratha attack on the city of Hyderabad
1713     Mubariz Khan is appointed Subedar of Hyderabad

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